Sabtu, 26 September 2009


Golf is one of more famous sports on the world. I am sure everyone know golf, but I am not sure everyone know regulations of golf. even some players may be not know regulations of golf. may be for some players, playing golf just for fun. But, past does not mean they think should play without ignoring rules. That is like asking a license to drive on public roads but without the need to obey signs, traffic. Essentially when we playing golf is means we also become to be referee from him self.

Many factors that affect when playing golf like grass conditions, difficulty level field, skills, mental and physical condition. We need to realize that if playing golf there also golfkurs Platzreife. This is such obstacles in playing golf. to overcome this obstacles, I recommend to perform twice on the driving range plus a one-time in the field in one week.

Golf is also an expensive sport, this is we can see from various kinds of equipment like golf club, golf bag, golf ball, renting golf course and more. But keep in mind, other than golf as a form of exercise as well as a form of hobby. So if as hobby we not see how much money we spend. But, when I browsing, I found a website to provide golf equipment with low price and good quality. This name is mizuno a website centered in Germany. Mizuno provide many kinds golf equipment like golf club, golf bag, golf shirts, golf umbrellas and more.

Usually the people like golf also like to vacation. If you like both, you can go to Urlaub Chiemsee. There be found a very beautiful lake. Many people to choose Urlaub Chiemsee because give a good service.


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