Jumat, 25 Juni 2010

Mobile Ad Networks Potential As Successful Marketing Media

Advertising is successful ways that people use to grow their business. Marketing is done through this ad is an Effective, because with the advertising, services or products can be known to the public. Maybe you've seen ads on television or on the internet. Or maybe you've seen the way of advertising when you are traveling in the form of posters, banners, etc..Actual form of advertising not only this. There are other ways to market your products through Mobile Ad Networks.

Mobile Ad Network is a mobile marketing media ads that are currently developing. It is currently in mobile advertising is not the greatest. But a time will be the largest because we know many users are accessing the mobile internet now. More and more users, the higher is also the opportunity to market our product if we are presenting advertisements on mobile. Opportunity Mobile Ad Networks business success is also ogled the google that is currently the provider of the world's largest internet advertising. This is evidenced Google by buying mobile ad network AdMob for $ 750 million dollars in share. Google representatives said that mobile ads are considered to have potential as a marketing medium although currently still in development stage.

One of the biggest mobile advertising company and currently the fastest is mojiva which has 140 million users. Currently mojiva has served more than 6 billion ad requests for the mobile web site, ad networks and applications. Addition Mojiva there is also a mobile advertising network that is inMobi. Based in Bangalore, India, currently inMobi increase in the U.S. market. In fact there are many mobile advertising company like Smaato that has recently been launched SOMA SDK (Smaato Open Mobile Advertising Software Development Kit) for Android and iPhone. However, for more information on ad networks in the world, please visit Zip Beta which is a blog news provider. Specialized in mobile advertising networks news.


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There are few others mobile ads network like MobGold, and BuzzCity. who is ready to join the competition of mobile ads network market

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